Married Muscle Product Reviews

Melanie McKinney provides her no-nonsense review of popular fitness brands and products on the market today.
All reviews are (a) empirical evidence-driven (b) duration of 180 days (c) process documented, available upon request.

MelanieCasein Protein
> 100% casein protein from Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard
> Micellar casein protein from Muscle Feast
> Micellar casein protein from MyProtein

Whey Protein
> 100% whey protein from Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard
> 100% whey protein from Muscle Feast
> Impact whey isolate from MyProtein
> Machine whey protein from MTS

Branch Chain Amino Acids & Silk Amino Acids
> BPI Blox Silk Amino Acid

Pre-workout Supplements & Energy Drinks
Rockstar energy drink (or carb zero, blue can)
Rockstar energy drink (or sugar-free, white can)
> VBX redline white heat
> APS Nutrition Mesomorph
> Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals - HydroxyElite
> Crystal Light energy on the go

Post-workout Supplements
> N/A

Music (Services, Players, and Headphones)
> Spotify
> Powerbeats 2 from Beats By Dre
> urBeats from Beats By Dre
> Cambridge Soundworks Oontz budz
> Cambridge Soundworks Oontz budz 2
> Cambridge Soundworks Oontz angle 3XL
> Sony MDR-ZX770DC
> Sony MDR-100 h.Ear

Fitness Memberships
> Gold's (Somerville, MA)
> Boston sports club, BSC (Boston, MA)
> Greater Boston Fitness, GBF (Revere, MA)

> Creatine monohydrate from MyProtein

> Piping Rock's cold pressed macadamia nut oil
> Piping Rock's medium chain triglycerides oil

Waxy maize from NOW

> CVS natural daily fiber

 Centrum, adult
> Vitamins Because You're Worth it - DHEA
> Juice Plus+ Orchard
> Juice Plus+ Garden

Artificial Sweetener
> SweetN Low (saccharin)
> Splenda (dextrose, maltodextrin)

Glucose tablets
> Wonka Pixy Stix

> Puma (suade)
> Ryderwear D-Maks (suade)

UV and Spray Tan
> Revere Tanning Salon, UV (Revere, MA)
> Darque Tan, UV (Revere, MA)
> Tan Works, UV (Boston, MA)
> Smart Tan Salons, UV (Davis Square, Somerville, MA)
> Pro Tan, spray (Cambridge, Boston)

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