Tools & Resources

This section of Married Muscle is home to the swolemate directory and also includes valuable tools and resources to aid in any fitness journey.

Swolemate Directory - is a free online directory specifically dedicated to workout partners.

We want to include you in the Married Muscle Swolemate directory! Do you have a dedicated partner that shares your passion and interest for fitness, be it bodybuilding, physique or anything between? Send us a short description (200 characters or less) including a web link to a recent photograph and we will add you and yours to the Married Muscle Swolemate Directory. Click here to contact us.

Section 1: Tools

  • myfitnesspal - free calorie counter, diet and exercise journal.
  • BWP - free calorie calculator to reach a goal body weight within a specific timeframe.

Section 2: Resources

  • - fitness community and online supplement store.
  • - dubbed "the truth in bodybuilding," Dave Palumbo brings his insight and knowledge to the fitness community. Rx Muscle can be a beneficial resource for men and women looking to achieve sustainable results. [forum username: marriedmuscle]